F Class

The majority of Geelong Rifle Club members shoot F Class competition

F Class Open

An F Class Open rifle may be of any calibre up to and including 8mm. The overall weight must not exceed 10kg including all attachments.

F Class Standard

An F Class Standard rifle will be chambered in either 308 Winchester or 223 Remington. Maximum weight of the rifle is 8kg, including sight and all attachments, but excluding the front rest. With the front rest attached, the overall maximum weight must not exceed 10kg. Ammunition is restricted to NRAA rules. – Section 3.4


An F/TR Class rifle is limited to .223 Remington or.308 Winchester calibre chambers. Ammunition may be commercially made or hand-loaded as defined in Rule F2.24. There is no restriction on bullet weight. The F/TR rifle class is limited to the use of an attached bipod and/or a sling as front supports, optionally together with a rear bag
none of which provide a positive mechanical means of returning the rifle to its precise point of aim for the next shot . The overall weight must not exceed 8.25kg including all attachments (such as, but not limited to, its sights and bipod, if any). See the ICFRA Rules for more detail. – ICFRA Rules for F-Class Rifle Shooting

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