Covid-19 Restrictions

From Saturday 11 July, in accordance with the Chief health Officer Directions, the range will only be open to members and visitors who reside outside the Restricted Area (Melbourne CBD and Mitchell Shire).

Visitors must produce photo ID that shows an address outside of the Restricted Area.

COVID-19 Risk Management

The Club has developed a risk management plan that has been implemented to keep people safe and help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The following are key requirements of attending the range:

  • If you have any flu-like symptoms, stay home
  • You must bring the following:
    • your own hand sanitiser;
    • your own shooting mat or a large towel;
    • if possible, your own smartphone or tablet for viewing targets;
  • All people present must sign the attendance book each week and provide a telephone number.
  • attendees must maintain a physical distance of 1.5 meters from all other persons
  • a maximum of 20 people are permitted in the shooting shed.

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Geelong Rifle Club provides experienced shooters and those interested to Come and Try our sport with a well equipped, friendly, safe and comfortable venue for precision long range target rifle shooting. All shooting is conducted inside an air-conditioned shooting facility, making shooting possible in most weather conditions.

The sport of Fullbore covers several different disciplines including:

  • F-Class using a rest and telescopic sights
  • Target Rifle using a sling and open sights
  • Sporting/Hunter Class using factory hunting rifles and telescopic sights

Our club uses electronic targets at long ranges from 300 to 900 Metres.

We also have a 25m range for zeroing rifles and a 100ft varmint range with electronic targets for hunting/sporting rifles.

Shooting is conducted in accordance with our events calendar, but it is advisable to make prior arrangements with club staff.

Visitors are always welcome to the club on designated practice days in accordance with our calendar. We do require you register with us before coming out, to ensure we have a member and club rifle available to assist, as well as to let you know if shooting is cancelled for any reason.

The club has rifles and equipment available for supervised use by new members & first-time shooters.

Payment is strictly Cash-only, NO EFTPOS facilities available.

All shooting is conducted under the watchful eye of accredited safety officers and strict safety rules apply. Our sport has a safety record which is second to none!

Please Note:

  • We do not shoot on days of Total Fireban for safety reasons.
  • No calibre greater than 7.62 (.308) can be used at our range.
  • No Cash, Firearms or Ammunition are kept on premises.