Shooting Fundamentals

This series of tutorials will explore the fundamentals of marksmanship with an emphasis on Sporting / Hunter Class shooting.

This tutorial outlines the “straight behind the rifle” method of shooting from the prone position using a Harris style bi-pod. The following process is used:

  1. Square hips and shoulders to target
  2. Establish rifle to shoulder connection
  3. Establish eye relief and cheek weld
  4. Grip of shooting hand
  5. Placement of shooting elbow
  6. Placement of non-shooting elbow
  7. Position of non-shooting hand
  8. Leg placement – shifting hips and legs to align

This tutorial outlines the five fundamentals of marksmanship:

  1. Natural point of aim
  2. Sight picture
  3. Breathing
  4. Trigger control
  5. Follow through

Try using dry fire practice to practice these

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