Sporting / Hunter Class

The Sporter/Hunter class aims to get back to the concept of shooting fundamentals using cheaper factory rifles that are commonly available.  The other aim is to provide hunters with an avenue to enhance their marksmanship and enable more ethical game killing.

The rules are designed to ensure the intent of using a practical, walk-around hunting rifle is maintained. By not having to purchase specialized equipment to compete in this class, this class may appeal to a wider group of firearms users.

The rules are straightforward and allow for the average hunter or sporting shooter to participate in a competitive environment, or just hone your skills at several distances; 300, 400, 500 & 600.

At the Geelong Rifle Club we have experienced hunters and also those who participate in other shooting disciplines, so if you need advice or assistance in setting up your rifle for hunting purposes or to be more competitive on the range, then we can assist you.