Precision Service Rifle

Precision Service Rifle is an increasingly  popular “practical” style of shooting that some of our members participate in.

These matches offer competitors the chance to challenge themselves and their equipment through a variety of dynamic shooting conditions and positions. The emphasis is on practical precision and problem solving through a series of timed applications under varying time pressures.

Shot in details consisting of shooting pairs, competitors work together as a team to help each other out with wind calls, fall of shot, managing gear and any other problems that present themselves throughout the match, with teamwork being a key principle.

There is no restriction on equipment with the simple rule being that if you want to use it, you must carry it for the entire course of fire.

The Australian Precision Service Rifle Series is an exciting teamed precision rifle match originating out of Canberra 5 years ago expanding to NSW and Victoria.  There are four competitions held each year hosted at the Castlemaine Rifle Club, with some of our members regular participants.  For more information about the competition, please visit the Australian Precision Rifle Series page.